Glaze Firing Results for 8/7/2010

We opened the kiln this morning and found some fun pieces. Everything worked out pretty well, although there were a few pieces intended for the table that got a little bubbly. Still pretty, though. The Amaco Potter’s Choice Lustrous Jade continues to impress, and the albany slip is really consistent. The first two fish for the garden installation came out really nicely. The rest are in firing now and should be out Wednesday morning.

You can see the photos of the pieces from this firing on Flickr.

2 thoughts on “Glaze Firing Results for 8/7/2010

  1. Damn Joel! Those are terrific.
    I really like _DSC2236
    the Indigo Float top, shino bottom, both brushed, only minor overlap
    I want to buy that one! If it fits my hand. Will you sell me that one?

    I love the jade, melon, and the rich brown albany slipped items, and the plates –terrific!

    Congrats. Doing the Farmer’s Market this weekend?

  2. Thanks for the nice comments. The mug is yours if it fits. I’m not going to be at the Farmer’s Market this weekend. I wish I could. I think next Saturday will work out though. I’ll post a note here if it’s going to work. And there’s more ‘ware in the kiln cooling down right now!

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