Holly Day Celebrated

Last night, we participated in downtown Kinston’s Holly Day Celebration. The Farmer’s Market was lit up with festive strings of tiny white bulbs, and lots of vendors were on hand for the folks who came out. The evening was warm, and pleasant, and there were occasional light rain showers.

Christian joined me in the booth, and we talked pottery with lots of new and old friends. I”m always interested to hear what people think of my pottery and their own stories about taking a pottery class when they were younger, or knowing another potter, or that favorite piece of pottery they’ve had for years. Pottery, for some folks, seems to be like comfort food, and it’s always fun to hear about it. I had several requests, so in the next couple months, I’ll have things to puzzle out.

If you came out to the Holly Day Celebration, thanks! I hope you had a great time in downtown Kinston. If you didn’t come out, you missed a good evening. See you next time.

I’m planning to be at the Farmer’s Market onDec. 11, 2010. Check our Facebook page for confirmation closer to the day. Thanks!

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