Playing with Lytro

The Lytro arrived today. Here’s something from unboxing…

Apparently, I can’t embed the images, but the links do seem to work. Interesting. I’m looking forward to trying this on pottery. Since it’s difficult to get really long depth of field when photographing bowls and other board pieces, the selectable depth of field of the Lytro should make it much more interesting. We’ll see. Really, it’s just another cool toy!

2 thoughts on “Playing with Lytro

  1. Pretty cool! I might have a lead on a Hobie 16 so I’ll just have to wait! Jeep sending links to cool things.

  2. Just a followup. In general, I like using the Lytro. It’s fun, but I don’t find myself using it as much as I thought I might have, and I’m not sure why. However, I should mention, it’s quite a remarkable product. I pre-ordered and received one of the first available. Generally, that means a device ends up on my museum shelf in about a year, if I’m lucky. Not the Lytro! I’m still happily using it, and enjoying the added features like perspective shift and 3D viewing that the most current software update brought. It even acts as it’s own little WiFi server with the newest iPhone app. I didn’t know it did WiFi! That’s amazing. So, my hat is off to the Lytro folks. Thanks for making such a cool, well-planned device.

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