Studio Work Day Planning

Plans are being made for an  upcoming work day in the Barley Hollow studio. Some of the tasks stil on the punch list include…

  • replacing the weather seals on the doors
  • building work tables and a wedging table
  • building a kiln screen
  • clearing and cleaning up storage shelves
  • installing the security system

Some of these are pretty simple. Others, like building the work tables, will probably require a workday of their own. Gotta start somewhere, though. I want to get the carpentry done before the kiln is set up, so I can keep sawdust under control, and out of the equipment.

First steps
First spin at the wheel

Once we get the electrical in place for the kiln, we’ll be able to get the kiln vent system installed and set up the kiln. That should be a nice, big entry on it’s own.

Our first work day involved clearing out some stuff, and rearranging the rest. It was pretty amazing how fast we got some workspace cleared out and how nice and open the building now feels.

It’s still going to be some time before we’re up and running, but I do now feel like we’re making real progress. This is one huge Maker project, and it’s a lot of fun. Hopefully, we’ll have our first kiln-load of ware this spring.

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