Tool Table Project Plan

Looking over the scraps from building the work table and wedging, I found I still have some nice bits of plywood. So, I decided to build a simple tool table to fit beside the wheel. It will be 18″ tall, and 12″x36″. I’m going to use 2×2’s for the legs, and will simply glue and screw the pieces together. It won’t need to bear much weight, just throwing tools an wedged clay for throwing. I”ll post pictures when it’s finished.

The projects for this weekend in the studio are building the tool table, and if tempertures permit, putting on the initial polycrylic coating on the wedging bench and work table.

I did dome rough figures and determined that the work table will end up costing less than $70.00 and the wedging table will cost less than $50.00 (before cutting wire hardware.) The tool table took and extra $5.00 for 2×2 material. Not too bad for getting started.

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