Projects Moving Inside

The overhang on the building is still there, so I’m going to trust it a little while longer. Well, now the work is all  moving inside the studio.

Inside, I’ve started cleaning. The floor, as much as I can get to, has been cleared and carefully swept. The walls have been washed to get rid of years of dust and dirt and smudges. The florescent light tubes even got a quick wipe-down. But the biggest chore was the shelves in the back of the shop. They’ve always been a bit scary, especially the middle one with a dried pool of sticky goo and dozens of dead wasps stuck to it. Well, it’s still a bit sticky, but the bugs are gone. The shelves have been sanded clean and wiped down, and they’re now pretty much ready for use.

I also put in a hardware cloth screen in the kiln vent exhaust, and a screw to hold the elbow in place. So, it’s ready to be hooked to the kiln. That’s the next bit of work. Setup should be complete this weekend and ready for the first firing. Gotta do kiln wash, too.

I’m hoping to run the “first firing” to test and condition the kiln starting Saturday night. It’s supposed to take 16 to 19 hours, and fires to ∆5. L&L recommends it be attended as much as possible, but certainly for the last 3 or 4 hours. So mid-day Sunday it should be finished. They say it’s ok to put in the shelves with the first coat of kiln wash for the conditioning firing, but not other materials. Part of the first firing’s purpose is testing to see if anything catches fire, and part is to condition the elements, starting that nice layer of oxidation to protect them. If all goes well, the kiln could be ready for service next week. That’s exciting.

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