Glaze Sample Matrix

To prepare a set of small pieces to serve a glaze reference set, I will throw a series of small wabi-sabi style tea cup. Each cup will be glazed with a single glaze or combination of glazes such that the  whole series will illustrate the range of options available with what I keep in the studio. I’ll start with the basic speckled brown clay, but to be thorough, I should also do a set in dark clay and white clay. This would make a fun display in the studio, too.

Currently, I have the following glazes in the studio…

  • Clear (Fat Cat)
  • Crystal Blue/Green (Fat Cat)
  • Glossy White (Fat Cat)
  • Albany Slip (Potter’s Choice, Amaco)
  • Rutile Blue (Potter’s Choice, Amaco)
  • Temmoku (Potter’s Choice, Amaco)
  • Salt Buff (Potter’s Choice, Amaco)
  • Indigo Float (Potter’s Choice, Amaco)
  • Deep Firebrick (Potter’s Choice, Amaco)
  • Oil Spot (Potter’s Choice, Amaco)

This will should also be a good exercise in throwing consistently. I’m guessing it’s also a good time to learn to throw “off the hump”.  With 3 clays and 10 glazes, we’re talking about a lot of little tea cups. To be systematic, I’ll prepare a matrix of combinations, throw the appropriate number of pieces in each clay, bisque fire them all, then write on each cup how it should be glazed. Then the glazing begins.

I’ll also have to throw extras for additional glazes later on. And a set of small shelves around the studio might be necessary.

So, there’s the basic plan.

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