Foam Cutter Fabricated

This past weekend, I built a hot-wire foam cutter for the studio. The intent is to use it to make foam supports for slab-built projects. There’s one in particular I’ll detail here soon.

The cutter is like a tiny band saw, but it uses a nichrome wire to cut foam. I was able to cut pieces up to 3″ thick with nearly no resistance. The cutter is powered by a repurposed wall wort. The level of power fed to the wire is adjusted by a 12V Dimmer circuit I bought from and assembled myself. Soldering is fun!

The project plan was drawn from a DIY project listed in MAKE magazine. I make a couple minor variations, but in general the base and arm construction and wire placement was according to plan.

I’ve only cut some test pieces, but the results were great, and very encouraging. Next step – cut the support panels for my plate bath project. More on that coming soon.

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