Glaze Firing Unloaded

I opened the kiln this morning. The firing went well. A couple experiments turned out very well. I’ll post more about them later when I have good photos. A couple experiments turned out no so well. Everything survived, and the shelves only have the odd drip here and there. Overall, quite a happy result. Here are a few photos from the studio and the results. Complete set of photos on Flickr coming soon.


















4 thoughts on “Glaze Firing Unloaded

  1. Do you make your own glazes? I really love the blue on the mugs. The bowl glaze looks really cool too. Wonderful work as always..

    1. Thanks! I did cut those from slabs. Those are for an upcoming Beer Mug show at Overland Gallery in Kinston, NC, and I wanted a really traditional pub mug handle. Most of the samples I found I liked and chose to work with were pewter, so I thought it might make a nice transition. The unexpected benefit is the balance they bring to the mug in use.

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