The Studio

I get to spend some of my Monday evenings in my studio. Lately, though, I’ve missed a few Mondays due to work and life demands. That’s ok. It’s a hobby.

Last night I got to work from about 7 pm until about 9:30pm. It was great. I started off by pressing a slab into the fish jello mold. Then, I wedged enough clay for a pair of tea pots. Then I got to work making the tea pots.

While working, I generally plug in my iPhone and listen to spoken word podcasts. Last night I started with Harry Shearer’s Le Show. Always fun, and often informative, Shearer is a regular choice in the studio. After Le Show, I listened to a couple episodes of In Our Time, a BBC panel show covering all kinds of topics, generally history, science or philosophy. The programmer’s host, Melvin Bragg, does a remarkable job of keeping the discussion moving and on track. In 45 minutes, they always manage to provide a good discussion of the topic at hand. It is one of my favorites in the studio.

When I set up the studio, I included an old shelf stereo system. I thought it was there for music, but it turns out, it’s more for spoken recordings. Being able to listen to shows like Le Show, In Our Time, The Philosopher’s Zone, and the occasional ZenCast, to name a few, has made time spent in the studio more enjoyable and more valuable. The ideas discussed, and the thoughts they spark make my time in the studio a lot more than just practicing my hobby.

Does the intellectual stimulation improve my pottery? I dont know, but it does make the time I spend there more enjoyable, and that must translate into better work.

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