Labor Day in the studio


I spent Labor Day in the studio. The whole thing. It was a really nice change of pace. Normally, I’m thrilled to get 2.5hrs at once in the the studio. Today, it was about 8 hours. That worked out to more than 16 mugs, 8 sponge holders, a big cassarole and lid, and various small bowls completed and drying. I think I ended up using about 30lbs of clay. It also included swapping in the nice sheer white diffuser fabric in the lighting rig, and photographing the last glaze load. By the way, you can see the new work on Flickr.

All things considered, it was a good day in the studio. I still need to throw a few more items to get a kiln load, but that won’t be hard. A few more big bowls or lanterns and we’ll be ready to fire again.

4 thoughts on “Labor Day in the studio

    1. Thanks. I would be happy to give you the 5-minute tour any time. (That’s the long version of the tour.) Just email me at and we’ll set it up.

      I am welding a handrail for my carport steps at home. Rose is helping me sort it out and bring it all together. Have you done any more welding?

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