Glaze firing unloaded

Top Shelf

This glaze firing was pretty uneventful. Nothing stuck to shelves, none of the other mishaps that could happen. The cone bent almost as far as I wanted. The combinations all came out about the way I had hoped. It was a great treat! This load contained the mugs that will serve as prizes for the North Carolina SuperClassic disc golf tournament in November, so I could breath a sigh of relief when they all came out nicely. The rest will show up on the table at the Kinston Arts Council Holiday Shopping Extravaganza on November 16-17th.

As usual, I’ll photograph everything and post them all on Flickr. Now it’s finally time to get back to throwing. I can hardly wait!

Full kiln load set out

2 thoughts on “Glaze firing unloaded

  1. Impressive. I really like the flat piece with the scene. It reminds me of the view from the ocean looking up at the hills north of Santa Barbara , Ca. Your forms in this firing are also very nice. Keep up the good work and your posts. Thanks Richard

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