Giffin Grip Adjustable Sliders

I finally got a chance to use my new Giffin Grip adjustable sliders. They’re the spiffy green contraptions that allow you to trim on center pieces that may not be strictly symmetrical. I broke down and bought a set after one too many eccentric centering with bits of clay and so on. It works fine, but things happen – like sticky bits leaving marks on the rim of a bowl, or the clay coming loose at an inopportune time, allowing the vase to go wobbling off the wheel.

The first piece I used them on was a faceted bowl (thanks Ceramics Daily for the idea) that was definitely not a poster child for axial symmetry. They worked really well, and pretty quickly allowed the piece’s base center to align with the wheel center. They held well, too. The bowl ended up with a nice base, and an even foot ring. If you like your Giffin Grip, you’ll want a set.

Now, I feel like I need to throw something really wacked to give them an extreme test. We’ll see what happens. Cheers!

Also, the Overland Gallery in Kinston, NC has an upcoming show for beer mugs! Should be very cool. I have several mugs waiting for kiln time – photos when they’re done, of course. Cheers!

One thought on “Giffin Grip Adjustable Sliders

  1. Thank you for this thoughtful write up.

    I’ve been trying to not throw wonkey pottery most of my life, since about age 8. Here’s a video of your tool designer (me) playing catch up down in Mexico.‎ Throwing wonkey I’m finding fun.

    Out of round work requires manual centering to get the foot where you want it. This can be by trial and error, pointer or taping to center. My ideas about learning the trick of tapping to center are included in this long version. Is it true our attention spans are too short for 15 minute video’s?

    That this new green things work on a mix of symmetrical and out of round pieces was a happy surprise. Parked all the way back or all the way forward, they can be used to center like ordinary sliders on round dinnerware and still be ready for variety.
    Brian Giffin

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