I usually throw the same clay for long periods of time. I’m currently stuck on Standard Ceramics’ #266. However, I recently had a chance to throw a nice ∆6 porcelain for a demo at the Overland Gallery. It was a pleasant surprise. I had thrown porcelain a few years ago, and had mixed results with it, and decided I was better suited for stoneware. I haven’t changed my mind, but it was a nice experience and was much easier to manage than I recalled. The pieces from the demo are drying in my studio, and will be bisque fired here, then they go back to the Overland for Cynthia Dunn’s glazing, a set of collaborative pieces. This should be fun. I’ll post pictures when they’re finished.

While I’m not going to switch over to porcelain any time soon, I am thinking it might be the next thing upon which I get stuck for a while. Any thoughts on the merits of stoneware vs. porcelain? Suggestions, tips or stories?

2 thoughts on “Porcelain

  1. Stoneware clay is easier for me to throw larger pieces with, because I still have a bad habit of throwing with slightly too much water. But I love the feel of porcelain on my hands – I could pretend to center it all day! 🙂 I also love how brightly glazes show up on it. I usually use white stoneware because of the brightness. Right now I am throwing with a NC clay called Buncombe White. It’s a lovely white stoneware that’s not heavily grogged.

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