Throwing Thanksgiving

big vaseOK. So it wasn’t actually on Thanksgiving, but I did get to throw a bit today. Some plates, mugs, a set of lawn lantern parts and, for me, a big jar are all drying a bit for trimming. It was fun to get a little time to focus on making pieces again. The big jar was a nice surprise. I thought I’d messed up when joining the top cylinder to the bottom vase. I decided to work it until it collapsed or stood up, and it finally smoothed out and stood up. Fingers crossed for it. I’m looking forward to getting back to trim everything, especially the lantern. They’re fun. I have some ideas for this one.

Speaking of ideas, I had a couple ideas for work to submit for the Overland Gallery’s 2x2x2″ show. They’re drying now and hopefully will be completed before the Dec. 20 submission deadline.

I’d like to thank everyone who has supported my work this year, whether through purchasing pottery, lending a hand here and there, helping me learn how to make better pottery, or just offering moral support. It all means a lot. Thank you. And happy Thanksgiving to all.

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