Back at the wheel

I couldn’t take it any longer and spent a part of the day yesterday making stuff on the wheel. It was a really refreshing afternoon. Lots of new cable keepers on the way, a couple big mugs, and a couple request orders taken care of. It ended up being a lot of smaller pieces. I trimmed them all after work today, and they’re now drying. A couple more sessions like that, and I’ll have another kiln load, and perhaps before the holidays.

Also, the Holly Day celebration in downtown Kinston is coming up on Dec. 3rd. I’ll be doing throwing demos at the Overland Gallery on Blount St. at some point in the evening, if all goes as planned. I’m looking forward to it. The whole Holly Day celebration is a nice downtown kick-off for the Christmas season. If you’re in the area, it makes a fun evening.

And finally, while it has nothing to do with pottery, Mother Earth Brewing will launch this year’s Silent Night Imperial Stout with an all-day party at the tap room. Starts at 1pm. This year’s brew should be the best yet! And there will be lots of other things going on to keep you entertained. See you at the tap room!

One thought on “Back at the wheel

  1. congrats on the throwing party at the gallery. Hope to see you there. also at the tap room, of course. reminder, they are on seperate dates.

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