Back in the studio

For the first time since early last December, I got to spend time in the studio making stuff. It had been a while, and everything was cold, literally and figuratively. I warmed up the water in the cink by cycling out three buckets of water and replaced them with hot tap water from the office. That almost lasted all afternoon. The clay was cold, though I was, too. It took a few pieces to get back to feeling like I was in control, but it came back soon enough. I did 6 mugs, 3 bowls and 3 plates – of which 2 plates survived. They’re all drying now and should be ready to trim tomorrow or Monday.

It was fun getting back to work, and I’m looking forward to keeping regularly scheduled studio time for a while. There are a lot of opportunities for fun events this spring, so I’ll be working to have some fun pieces ready to go.

Yesterday, I got word that a couple of my submissions to a juried show were accepted. This is a first, and I’m excited about it. It is a show of pieces all that fit within 2″x2″x2″ – small stuff. I’m looking forward to seeing everything that was submitted. The idea of that many small bits of art is really entertaining.

And, finally, the pie plate project took a major step forward. Closer to launching!

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