East Carolina Pottery Festival

The East Carolina Pottery Festival is coming up again! If you haven’t been in previous years and you’re in range, by all means, put this event on your calendar!

Here’s a press release from Rich Daniels, the event’s organizer…

The 6th Annual East Carolina Pottery Festival will be held on Saturday, April 12th in beautiful downtown New Bern, North Carolina. Over 40 local potters will gather at the Tryon Palace History Center to exhibit and sell their original pottery, as well as, demonstrate throwing and building techniques.  There is no need to travel great distances when you have incredibly talented potters right here in our own communities.  Well known potters, such as: Candace Young, Michaele Watson, Carole McCracken, John Peterson, Elizabeth Priddy, Rich Daniels, Carolyn Curran, Jim Bisbee, Shelly Mathiot, Nancy Newman, Mark Bunch Melanie Waters, and many more potters from local communities, will demonstrate their unique talents in clay.  The pottery is exquisite and the variety is endless.  Carolyn Sleeper will create her whimsical masterpieces as you watch.  Scott Haynes and Brent Wheelwright will impress you with their ability to throw huge pots with beautiful results. The festival is from 9 – 5 PM and is sure to be a great time for everyone who loves pottery in a beautiful historic setting.  For details, contact Rich Daniels, (252) 224-1446.

If you’re a potter, get in touch with Rich and participate. Download the PDF – 6th Annual Flyer

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