First Completed Work, 2014

…and the glaze load finally cooled down. This morning, we lifted the lid and found the following…

_DSC0180 _DSC0183 _DSC0184 _DSC0186 _DSC0194 _DSC0195 _DSC0199 _DSC0206 _DSC0208 _DSC0214 _DSC0218 _DSC0220 _DSC0224


The bisque firing and the glaze firing both went just a little hotter than the specified cone temperature, but not by much. Overall, I was pleased with all the results. The stain/frit wash on the stamped logo worked ok, and I think next time, I’ll have a slightly better technique, but for a first try, I was pleased. We’ll see how they’re received. The first mugs are for Queen Street Deli, a local coffee/bakery/sandwich/eatery extraordinaire, and the bowls and other mugs are to be prizes in next weekend’s Ice Bowl disc golf tournament.

4 thoughts on “First Completed Work, 2014

  1. Been looking for a blue glaze recipe that looks like slide 6 (counting down for the top). Had been using a floating blue recipe that got similar results to slide 7 on my #75 Laguna stone ware clay fired to cone 6. Any chance you’d be willing to swap recipes? What kind of clay are you using? Love that brown glaze too! Would love to play with that recipe too if you are amenable as well. Love you work. Bob Langston

    1. Thanks Bob! The glaze is from Fat Cat Pottery in Wilmington, and I’m not in a position to give out the recipe. It’s their Crystal Blue Green. The clay is Standard’s #266. The brown is PC-32. All fired to ∆5. I hope that helps.

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