First Glaze Load of 2014 Cooling

January 1,2014, I fired the first glaze load of the year, containing the last bisque of 2013. It’s cooling nicely this morning and should be ready to unload later this afternoon, or early evening. Photos to follow.

This load contains the prize mugs and bowls for the Jan. 11 Kinston Ice Bowl disc golf tournament, as well as a set  of mugs with a logo for the fabulous Queen Street Deli. Those logos are sprigs made from a stamp. It’s a new approach for me, and one I’m quite keen to see results. It used a stain/frit wash one the bisqued pieces, then waxed to prevent glaze from getting in the logo. If it works, it should highlight the edges of the impressed art from the stamp. I used 2 different clays for the stamps. One was #112, a buff stoneware, and #266, the same dark stoneware I’m throwing. It will be interesting to see what we get.

With this cycle finished, I’m excited about some big pieces that are waiting to be fired. There’s a big (for me) vase, and a house number tile. I also have some ideas for a couple big bowls and jars, so the next cycle will be about size. And maybe surface. Until then, stay warm and make cool stuff. Thanks!

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