Last Bisque Load of 2013

This afternoon, I loaded up a bunch of mugs and bowls and a big bowl, and started the final bisque load of 2013. It might be the final kiln load, altogether considering cooling time. It’s running a slow bisque program to ∆04, and is pretty full. For my kiln, that’s usually about 14 hours to hit 1945°F.

I also ran a 30 minute pre-heat, so it will take a little longer. I hope this completes any last bits of drying. Everything looked and felt dry, but it’s cold in the studio (45-50°F), so the usual “cool to the touch” test isn’t much help. We should be able to open Monday morning.  Photos then.

For Christmas, I received a molding kit from my Mom and Dad. Dad was an engineer, and spent a lot of his career working on molding rubber products for industry. It will be interesting to get his input on my molding projects. The kit I received is pretty cool. It uses a reusable mold media that is heated to liquify, and solidifies on cooling. I’m interested in using it to take impressions from nature to make stamps and sprig molds. It will be fun to play with.

Best wishes to you for a very happy and productive New Year. May your firings be your best ever.

2 thoughts on “Last Bisque Load of 2013

  1. Your parents gave you a cool gift, can not wait to see what you create from it. Hope your last firing for 2013 is a great success.

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