Throwing Mugs and Bowls

Today, I had planned to throw some mugs and bowls for prizes for the Jan. 11 Ice Bowl disc golf tournament I’m running. I thought I’d throw ’em, then get some time for last-minute Christmas shopping in this afternoon. Well, it didn’t work quite that way.

After 16 mugs, I took a break. I pugged some more clay for round 2 and got back to work on the bowls. 12 bowls and a big punch bowl later, and it was time to clean up, and about 4:00pm. I’m sure I’ve mentioned it before, but I find it takes a fair amount of time to do a good clean-up after throwing. I finally made it home by 5:30pm, and today being the Winter Solstice, it was completely dark. So much for last-minute shopping. There’s still time, right? At least I’ll have time to complete the mugs and bowls for the Ice Bowl.

Notable in today’s work, for both mugs and bowls, about the time I got to the last couple, I finally worked out a nice form I really liked. It’s interesting to me how the variations between pieces when throwing several of the same shape tend to get smaller and to gravitate toward a more pleasing form. Even the big bowl was a larger version of the last few smaller bowls.

Trimming marathon coming up!

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