Today was highly productive. I built a box frame for a plaster wedging board, completed the finish work on my tables, opened the walls for the electrician to put in my kiln’s 240V outlet, and demolished the awning on the shop front. I meant to demolish the awning.

It was in pretty sad shape. The carpenter bees got into the 2×4’s a couple years ago, and pretty much reduced it to sawdust. That let in water, and between the two, there wasn’t much resistance to our demolition efforts. Skip helped out again today. I’m going to have to make him a partner in the pottery. He came up with a plan to slice the structure off the building with no damage to the building. I am pleased to report that the project went off exactly as planned. And we found the underlying building bits in relatively good shape for the next phase, which is building a new covering.

I took some before-and-after photos to show how bad the overhang had deteriorated, and how good it looked after removal. I’ll post photos of the new replacement when it’s completed. I’ll be happy when this is done so we can get back to fishing with Capt. Coconut on the Angle of Attack on nice days like today.

Today marked yet another productive step on the way to making pottery in the Barley Hollow Studio. This time next week, we may have the kiln up and running.

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