Glazing done

This afternoon turned into this evening while I worked on glazing the last bisque load. This is a quick turnaround batch. About 3/4 of the bisque made it into the firing.
This firing is getting a 4 hour preheat to make sure the pieces are nice and dry before ramping up the heat I don’t usually run much if any preheat, but one of the glades was taking a very long time to dry. Il eft most out that felt damp but no sense taking chances.
In this load there’s a test of a new black gloss glaze. There are 8 big mugs for an upcoming event with friends, and odd animal face that I’ve decided will be my new kiln minder. And there are lots of bowls.
The kiln software projected a 16 hour firing, so it should finish late tomorrow morning., giving me plenty of time to get back before it gets really hot. And if all goes well, I should be able to post pictures Monday after work.
It was fun having the time to work through the whole process all in one session. Normally, I only get a couple hours at a time so it takes a few days.
Now to draw on my vast reserves of patience.


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