7 thoughts on “Plates and Such…

  1. I do throw them on batts. I run a fine piece of monofilament fishing line under them when I’ve finished shaping. Sometimes, I let them dry a little on the batt before finishing the shape. Once I’ve done the initial cutoff, I let them dry on the bat until they’re stiff enough move with out flexing. It usually requires running a wire under them again.

    Another thing I’ve started doing when finishing shaping is to use the point of the wooden “knife”, to cut under the bottom edge, where the clay meets the batt, going in as flat as possible to the bat about 3/8″ to 1/2″. This makes a nice groove into which the cutoff wire can move. I also sponge in a little water before cutting. This approach seems to reduce the tendency of the wire to lift away from the batt in the center. It works pretty well.

    I’ve found that 20lb.-test monofilament works great and is pretty durable. I tried some of the new high-strength braided fishing line, but it’s not as durable and didn’t cut as well. My current cutoff line is 20b.-mono, and is about 8 years old.

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