Unseasonal Visitor

TheDoorKeeperWhile waiting for the kiln to cool yesterday, I was thoroughly surprised to catch this little guy under the studio door while closing it! I thought I’d smoothed him, and to some extent, I did. I moved him out of the path of the door, barely moving, but not done in. This morning,while in a different position,  he appeared to be dead. On closer inspection, I noted a small head movement. He was still alive and I felt quite relieved.

At lunch, I found him much more mobile and not at all dead. He had moved a bit and was pointing toward the light from outside. I’m not going to try to move him, letting him recuperate as long as possible. He did sit up for his portrait.

This is a very unusual time of year to see an anole in the studio. During the summer, they’re regulars, and keep the bugs at bay – welcomed and honored guests. I’m going to hope this old trooper rejoins the ranks next spring.

UPDATE: Two days later – the anole is now hanging out at the base of a bucket full of water. I think it’s warmer than other places in the studio. I haven’t seen him move, but I have noted that he’s in a slightly different position every time I enter the studio. He seems to have moved further from the door today during another all-day kiln firing.

UPDATE (2/8/15): All this time, the anole has been hanging out beside a 5-gallon water bucket near the door in the studio. We had several very cold nights since he settled in. I thought he might be dead, but occasionally noticed slight changes in his position. Then, on Feb. 8th, we had a very unseasonably warm day, up to the mid-60’s. I was working in the studio and enjoyed having the door open for light and fresh air. My visitor sensed the sunlight, and started moving for the patio! Over the course of 20-30 minutes he made his way out into the sun. I think he amy have eaten a couple small bugs there. He stayed in the sun all day. When I had to leave, he was still there, soaking in sunshine. This morning, when I returned, he was nowhere to be seen. I looked around the studio, but couldn’t find him. It would seem my visitor has moved on. It was pretty special having a dormant lizard in the studio for a few weeks.

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