Weighing In

Taylor kitchen scales
Scales for Studio

This evening, after trimming some work at Double Diamond Pottery, I decided to head over to Greenville to get a kitchen scale for the studio. Yes, I did shop Kinston first, and did not find a basic mechanical scale. I might not have been creative enough in my search, but I did find one that fit my requirements on Target’s web site. My primary requirement was weight range up to 10 pounds. The next most important factor was “no batteries”. Every scale I found was digital, hence used batteries. Not good. Target was the only store I could find that had the mechanical scales in stock. And the price was well below the digital scales.

I appreciate the convenience of a set of digital scales, and in the kitchen, it might be a better approach. The accuracy and ability to weigh very light materials could be an advantage. Since I’m not formulating my own glazes yet, gram accuracy wasn’t significant.  In the studio on the wedging table, I just wanted a simple, funcitonal device that would tell me roughly how much clay I just threw on it.

How many other product categories have been over-developed? This ran through my thoughts on the drive back home. It was easy to come up with examples, but as long as pottery is still available for coffee cups, cereal bowls and salad palates, I don’t think it will be too big an issue.

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