More stuff checked off…

Sketch of the studio's front
Barley Hollow Pottery

The list is growing shorter. I’ve worked out the wedging board arrangement for now. The KISS kiln monitoring software has been set up and awaits its first firing test. Originally, I thought it would run on an old PC I have and Windows 98. The KISS software seemed happy, but the USB interface just wouldn’t communicate. I  imagine given enough time and tinkering, it might have been possible, but I decided instead to use my Acer Aspire One netbook to host the software. It looks like it will work fine, and it takes up much less space than the PC and monitor. So little, in fact, it fits in a drawer when it’s not in use. When we put in the wiring for the AC, I’ll run a wire for the KISS system, too.

An AC/Heat Pump unit is the next big project. We’ve selected a unit and just need to get the electrician back to wire for it, and the HVAC guys back to put it in place. The spring weather is warm already and it’s showing me that the studio will definitely benefit from having the AC. I was initially more concerned about preventing freezing, but being able to work in some degree of comfort is important, too.

The kiln shelves are all ready to go, and have their third coat of kiln wash applied and fired. They look like they need to have some pottery sitting on them glowing bright orange. I can hardly wait.

Meanwhile, at Double Diamond Pottery, I put in my last month’s notice. It will be hard giving up the weekly fellowship and support. It has been wonderful being able to learn more nuances of making pottery with Melanie, Mary Wynne and Mark, and I know the three years I’ve been there have made a huge difference in the pottery I make.

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