Slow Glaze Load Warming Up…

This evening at 7:38pm, I started a slow glaze program on a kiln load of #112 bisqueware glazed with blues and greens and whitecap. There’s a mixed set of plates, a gigantic bowl (ok, just big, but for me, it’s pretty darn huge.) And lots of mugs and sponge holders and smaller bowls and so on.

A couple new glazes to the studio are in this load. One Amaco’s Potters Choice Iron Luster. We’ll see how it comes out. We’re also firing some of the first pieces using the PC-Indigo Float dipped. I tried a small jar to brush on and liked the results, rich vibrant blue, so I ordered a 25lb dry batch. I’m curious to see how it matches the brushed on version. This is the first time I’ve gone from a quart to a big batch.

Also, this firing is set for cone 5 rather than my usual cone 6. I had to back down to cone 5 for the last glaze firing for pieces made with Standard #266. I liked the way the glazes looked, so I thought it would be interesting to see how they behave on Standard’s #112 body. It might be a bit low, but I’m hoping to minimize some pinholes on the rutile blue, and some running where glossy white and crystal blue green meet.

If all goes well the kiln will shut off a bit before 4:00am. I’ll post results here as soon as it cools down enough to open.

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