Second Glaze Firing

The kiln is running again tonight, and should finish up in the early morning hours. This load contains the pieces from the last glaze cycle. It also contains a few pieces that had surface issues like pits and bubbles.

This load also contains the first four test pieces with the water blue and eggshell glazes I mixed from scratch (with the help of some very clear recipes.) There are two samples of each glaze – one with one coat, one with two coats. I can’t wait. I started the process last Fall, and finally have the first tests in the kiln. Thanks to Mary and Sonny at Fat Cat Pottery in Wilmingto for the encouragement and insights.

2 thoughts on “Second Glaze Firing

  1. I am anxious to see the photo’s from your latest test glaze firing. MWB & Mark unloaded the kiln at DDP today and we all were very pleased by the results. MWB has asked me to send you a message, she wants you to come back and use up all the “Speckled Brown” so I’ll go buy more “good clay”. Heheheheheheheehee

  2. It might be a few days before the new stuff gets photographed, but I’ll post a note here. The Wright’s Blue glaze came out nicely. The eggshell white was glossier than anticipated. Both worked. More testing in the next cycle.

    I’d love to see what you all got from your last firing.

    Speckled brown builds character 😉

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