First Day of Spring

Today is the vernal equinox, the official first day of spring. It’s nearly perfect by all accounts. And the office is getting a new roof.

In the studio, I just completed a bisque firing, so it will be soon be time for a huge glaze session. I’d like to do one more bisque firing before that, as there are still several pieces, including the first teapot in a long time, to be bisque fired. So, I’ll throw a few more pieces and get another load fired.

Dr. MugsteinAlso, I commissioned a super hero illustration from Len Peralta, of Monsters-by-Mail fame. This time around, he’s doing “50 vs 50”, wherein one can request a hero or a villain. My superhero is “Dr. Mugstein” whose super power is making stoneware pottery mugs to fight evil. Len’s illustrations are a lot of fun, and nice way to get some original art into the collection.

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