Lightbox Build started

Today, I started building my lightbox for photographing wares. So far, I’ve built the frame and I’ve been using clamp-on work lights. The pictures of the las tear or so have been made with this arrangement. All along, I’d planned to build a better lighting arrangement. Today, I got the hard part taken care of. I now have a base of 6 light fixtures, wired in parallel, to fit over the frame. I still need to finish building the box, but the electrical bits are taken care of. I’m using 6 LED bulbs that are the equivalent of 40W bulbs, for a total of 240W light equivalent brightness, theoretically.

The next step is to add sides, a back baffle, a front face piece and a switch on the front. That should be fairly easy to complete. I’ll post more build photos when it’s finished. It’s not a big deal, but it’s a big check mark on the studio to-do list. The motivation came from seeing the beautiful photo of my blue jar from the NC Pottery Center Auction site. I know they’re using a more sophisticated setup, but it made me want to improve my pictures, too. We’ll see how it goes.

3 thoughts on “Lightbox Build started

  1. Joel, Nice work in the last glaze firing. Your pieces are photographed very well. I have been struggling with that aspect. I do not have an equivalent camera to yours but I would love to improve my lighting. If you can post a pic of your finished light box I would appreciate it. I was curious if you have the 6 lights from above only or if you utilize additional lights. Thanks, Richard

    1. Hi Richard. I just have the 6 lights overhead. I started using over and beside, but upon studying other setups for pottery, the overhead-only approach seemed more common and provides more depth in the images. I do have a white reflective foam core panel on the left side, which helps with a little passive fill.

      I’ll take a few more photos of the setup as I’ve been using it, and post those. I still have some modifications in mind, but it’s working well enough for what I need at present. Still, it’s always good to improve. Thanks!

      1. Hi Joel, Thanks for the fast response I appreciate it. I will look forward to the pics when you get a chance. I also have to say I have been very appreciative of your willingness to share your experiences with setting up your studio and the follow on events. I hope you and your family have a wonderful holidays. Richard

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