Glaze Firing Cooling Down

Last night, I ran a glaze firing. It contains 3 teapots, a planter, several bowls and a few other little goodies. Nothing really remarkable about this one so far. It should be cool enough to open tomorrow. The outdoor temperature and humidity have been exceptionally high for the last week. Firing overnight to avoid peak electrical loads is the plan.

I still have a school of 10 fish to file, as well as the big flower plaque. Perhaps by the weekend, I can get them ready and fired. The fish are for another installation, similar to my fence fish at home. I haven’t decided if they will be for sale, or possibly for the studio wall. We’ll see how they turn out.

The teapots have me on pins and needles. I did make sure the filter holes weren’t blocked after dipping. I won’t ever forget the teapot I fired that looked great and had it’s filter holes glazed over. All three of these poured very nicely when rinsed. I glazed one dark green, one blue and one blue-green.

The planter is also dark green, with oil spot overlay on the top and bottom band. I haven’t tried that combination before, so I’m pretty keen to see what it did.

I’ll post photos, taken in the new lightbox setup, as soon as the kiln cools down enough to open.

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