Barley Hollow Email News

It was bound to happen. I finally managed to set up an email newsletter service for Barley Hollow Pottery. I now have a nifty new MailChimp account, and I’ll start using it to send out the occasional bit of news. Mostly, I foresee using it to let you know when I’ll be at the Farmer’s Market or some other event with the newest goodies from the kiln. It should be an infrequent addition to your in-box, and I promise I won’t use it to just ramble on about things you might not be interested in reading. That’s what this blog is for, after all!

So, please have a look over on the right and look for the Email Signup thingy, and get on the list. Your information will be used only for correspondence as described above, or any other really worthy purpose that pops up. I won’t give, sell, slip under the table, or otherwise distribute your info. Not going to happen. Just the occasional note about what’s going on in the studio and how it might be of interest to you.


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