Bisque Load Cooling

Last night, I fired a load of bisque. It should be ready to open tomorrow. This load was mostly bowls that will be prizes in the King’s Cup 8 disc golf tournament in May.  I have until Memorial Day weekend to get them ready. I’m shooting for 36 bowls. 

I also have couple big plates/platters in this load. Fingers are crossed – no s-cracks in drying. I’m looking forward to glazing these. They’re big enough to justify getting out the motorized turntable device I built last year! Whee!

If there’s anything visually interesting, I’ll post some photos. I did find it interesting that the slow bisque program fired a predictable 3 minutes longer than the last time I ran it. This slow, but consistent lengthening of the firing time seems to a sign of element aging. Overall, I think they’re doing pretty well, especially when the results are consistent and predictable. Better start saving for new elements – I might be ready in a couple more years 😉

So, have your next cup of coffee in a real mug someone made for you. Cheers!

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