down time

This week has been a bit slow. Monday, I did manage to throw some after work. Results included a 16″ bowl, which is drying nicely, and some beer mugs, the handles on which are a bit of an experiment. I’ll post photos if it works. Otherwise, work has been claiming all available time. I’m hoping for some weekend time in the studio to make enough greenware for a bisque firing some time next week.

I did end up collecting one of the new (?) Sherrill Mud Tools orange finishing sponges. It’s really nice. Not quite a chamois, but close enough for me. It does, indeed, provide a nice finish as it’s name suggests it might. It’s really comfortable to handle, and worked nicely in throwing, together with the blue MudTools sponge. It also came in handy smoothing bits out during trimming. Definitely a keeper.

Stay muddy my friends!

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