“A Chef’s Life” Follow-Up

A while back, I posted about a TV show that features Vivian Howard and Ben Knight, owners of our amazing local farm-to-fork restaurant, Chef and the Farmer. At that point, they were in the midst of final production and a crowdsourcing fundraiser. They succeeded! And the first episode aired all over the country this past weekend on PBS. If you didn’t catch it, there’s still plenty left in this season.

“A Chef’s Life” is an intimate look at what it’s like to run a high-end establishment, the local farmers and everything in between. You’ll come away with a great way to enjoy corn on the cob, too. I highly recommend the show.

You’ll get a really good sense of what living in eastern NC is like. I know it’s not about pottery, but it’s set in my hometown and we’re all very excited about it around here.

Find out when “A Chef’s Life” airs near you on PBS…

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