A Quick Firing Cycle for Prizes


We were on the road for a week about a week ago. Before we left, I finished throwing mugs for the Nov. 16th NC SuperClassic disc golf tournament. They completed a kiln load, so when we returned, I managed to work in a couple firings. This afternoon, I opened the lid on the results of the glaze firing. There were a couple test items, and a few pleasant surprises. Overall, it went pretty much as I’d hoped. The results are on Flickr (at the bottom of the displayed set.)

In this batch, I had a few pieces which had a white slip with decorations. The recipe for the slip worked nicely, and the results were pretty nice, at least to my eye, for the first try. Definitely more work with this slip coming in the future. Here’s the recipe…

Feldspar 5%
Ball Clay 75%
Kaolin 10%
Silica 10%

I can’t find the source for this recipe. It was intended for a diffusion slip base for mocha ware. That’s still an ongoing experiment in the studio. When I find the source, I’ll post it. I’m really happy with the way it works on the dark clay.

There are 15 cups for the NC SuperClassic in this bunch, basically all the mugs that don’t have the square handles. These will be prizes for the top finishers in our annual disc golf event. It’s a lot of fun.

So, that’s the latest. More coming soon for the holidays. Cheers from Barley Hollow.

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