Second Glaze Firing Results

The kiln wasn’t very full on the last firing, but it did contain a few pieces I was pleased to see. The pie plate is the second in the Traveling Pie Plate series, which I plan to kick off when blueberries come in. The wide tile will wind up somewhere on my fence in the back yard. And the little toothpick holder just made me smile. I just wish it were 12″ tall. Still, not bad.

Next, I get to put price stickers on everything and pack in preparation for the Festival on the Neuse. Whee! Then, if I’m lucky, I get to get back to throwing, which is really my favorite part of the process. So, back to work! Enjoy your day with a piece of pottery.

Traveling Pie Plate #2
Traveling Pie Plate #2
Small Cup
Tile, about 16″ wide

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