Useful Items in the Studio

Propane Torch Holder
Propane Torch Holder

Torch Holder

I made a holder for my propane torch, which will be wall-mounted within reach while throwing. The torch is really easy to handle, but when it’s hot, it needs to set down on something that won’t ignite. The area around my wheel, when throwing, doesn’t have a lot of predictably free space, so hanging it on the wall made sense. Making a stoneware holder for it seemed like a good idea to protect the paneling from the hot torch tip. This is the first design, so I expect it will be open to improvements, but one must start somewhere.  We’ll see how it works.

2-Piece Splash Pan Helper

I have a Shimpo Whisper wheel. It’s great. I really like using it. The splash pan is another matter. While it’s easy to remove for cleaning, as it has aged, it has worn enough that the two halves don’t always stay together so well during longer throwing sessions. This means the top deck of the wheel gets messy.

Big rubber band keeps splash pan together
Big rubber band keeps splash pan together

Recently, in the grocery store, I noticed a rack with giant rubber bans intended to keep trash bag liners in place. It included a 9″ band and a 15″ band. I had to try them. They both fit, with the 15″ band providing a nice degree of tension while being easy to put on and remove. So far, so good. If I were picking a specific size, I’d guess a 12″ band would be perfect.



Follow up on the torch holder

Wall mounted torch holder
Wall mounted torch holder

I mounted the torch holder on the wall behind the wheel. It looks pretty good, and I think it will be good for a start. It will really come down to using it while throwing, and as it is, the torch holder is a little farther away than I would like, but I couldn’t come up with a better place. I may make a rolling cart for it, and the tank, that would allow the torch to be closer when needed.

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