All about plaster

In the process of setting up the studio, I decided I needed a plaster wedging surface, so I built the frame and set out to learn more about plaster. I’ve seen references to Potters Plaster #1, and, of course, Plaster of Paris, but I didn’t know what was different or which I should use. As usual, Google was the right place to start. I found a couple nice web pages with good information about plaster and it’s applications. While it’s more focused on molding and slip casting, the following information should be a good resource for any potter wanting to find out more about plaster in general.

Working With PlasterAn alt.sculpture FAQ by Christopher Pardell
Great source of info on plaster mixing and casting. Great for the curious newbie.

Plaster Master
Good resource for all things plaster.

There’s a lot more out there about plaster, and it’s fascinating stuff, but these two should give you the background to research the rest.

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