First Glaze Firing

Today, Christian helped me glaze all the bisque ware. It was a good glaze session and we should see some interesting results. The kiln is firing as of the posting of this entry and should be cool enough to open mid-day tomorrow. I can hardly wait. There were more pieces that space, so a second light firing will probably be in the works soon.

And as a footnote, I had asked around about what happens when little bits of plaster get into the clay. Most responses were along the lines of  “I think it explodes”. Well, I finally found a note on the internet that had this to say…

“Potters’ plaster (often called #1 pottery plaster) is best for working with clay; it is extra absorbant, and has a nice setting curve. But be sure to avoid getting tiny bits of plaster in the clay one intends to fire. The plaster will calcine in the firing and revert to its pre-crystallized state. When it recrystalizes by drawing water from the air, it expands slightly- enough to excavate a characteristic cone-shaped crater from the side of a piece of fired work months after it has emerged from the kiln. (Look for the tiny white dot at the bottom of the hole.)”

Next bisque load, I’m firing the Barley Hollow sign.

Check back for photos of the results from today’s first glaze firing!

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