Open Studio / Work Day

Today started early at the studio. With Christian’s help, the hanging plants, lantana, got planted in the ground and a big hydrangea between them. Christian created some new hanging baskets, and set up some mandavia to climb the poles of the porch roof. It’s all starting to look better.

Since I declared the studio open from 10 – 2, I had time to tackle some chores. I refreshed the water in the sink, which tends to develop an notable funk after a few weeks. I hope the new AC will help with that a little. I also got to paint the kiln fence with the first coat of blackboard paint. It will take at least one more, maybe two. I also managed to get the hardware for the bird feeder and assemble it. We’ll do a backyard test for a while, but that may be a cool thing to add when wr start selling at the farmers market.

I also made some hump mold supports for corn on the cob dishes. These were made by slicing a piece of 2″ PVC pipe. I made a pair of dishes later this evening and found that the forms worked pretty well. Overall, I need to work on the process, but the forms are a good start.

This evening, after dinner, I went back and threw for a while. I also started working with the dark brown clay, Standard 266 . It threw pretty well but wasn’t as moist as the light brown I’ve been working with. Still, it was fun starting a different clay body for a change.

I’ll trim and add handles Monday evening. And that wraps it up for now.

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