First sales in the wild

Today was my first attempt at selling my pottery in public. I participated in the July 2nd Saturday event at the state historic site for the CSS Neuse. Vendor hours were from 10:00-3:00, but most people visited between 10:00 and 1:00. While the event was not heavily attended, the people who were there were interested in what the vendors had to offer. A couple venodrs were doing traditional spinning and related crafts. There was a painter and what appeared to be someone caning chairs. I didn’t
T get to visit all the other vendors. I actually stayed pretty busy and sold several pieces. My modest expect ions were blown away. I suspect this might have been like one of those amazing days fishing that don’t come along all that often, so im just enjoying it without expecting it will be like this every time.
After putting everything away at the studio, Christian and Skip and I took he brewery tour at the Mother Earth Brewery, then a celebratory round in the tap room. It was a good start for Barley Hollow Pottery.

2 thoughts on “First sales in the wild

  1. Congratulations! I intended to get by there but had an offer to go for our first sail this year. Guess you know what won out!

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