New pieces thrown and trimmed

This weekend, I managed to get a little time to spend in the studio. I threw a bunch of bowls and some other forms, including a couple knitting bowls.

Mrs. B. told me about the knitting bowl and showed me an example. It’s a medium sized, more spherical bowl with a small slot cut in from the rim. The knitter’s yarn is stored in a ball in the bowl, and it feeds out through the slot. In the photo below, there are a pair on the top shelf.

Also in this weekend’s work, a set of 4 matched bowls, about as close a set as I’ve thrown to date. I’m crossing my fingers for drying and firing.

Here’s a snapshot of the weekend’s production…

There’s also a lidded sugar bowl. I haven’t thrown many lidded items lately, so it’s about time.

I did some studio maintenance, too. In the last glaze firing, I had some glaze drips on the shelves. The indigo float dripped off of the big blue bowl, which didn’t surprise me. It does that sometimes when I apply glaze by pouring on a large item. Indigo float tends to make big bulging puddle drips that pop off the kiln wash easily. I also had some unexpected drips from the new Vert Lustre, which dripped and soaked through the kiln wash and into the shelf. It didn’t pop off nicely. I chipped off what I could, but ultimately had to resort to an angle grinder to remove it, also removing a bit of the shelf at the same time. I’m not worried about what’s left on the shelf, but I’m concerned about the change to the shelf itself. May be time for a replacement. I then did a fresh, heavy coat of kiln wash on all the shelves. We’ll see how it holds up.

I’m hoping to get a bisque load fired before Thanksgiving. We’ll see.

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