Big bisque bowl stack

I know bisque-ware isn’t inherently interesting, and writing about bisque firings isn’t especially compelling subject matter either, but I had to post this snap from the studio.

12 bowlsThis stack comprises a dozen 9″ bowls in process for a special project. They’re thrown from Standard’s #266, and fired here to ∆04-ish. (Witness cones said it went a smudge higher than 04.) They will be finished at ∆5 and will end up a nice rich dark brown under the glaze.

I couldn’t help but smile when I saw them all stacked up. While it’s abundantly clear I’m no production potter, this many items this close in size and form is a milestone of an informal sort for me. Next step – glazing these guys. I’m thinking a nice array or blues, browns and greens. I’ll post the results if they make it that far.

Assuming all goes well, these will end up donated to a project thanking donors for supporting another project.

UPDATE: The bowls turned out nicely.

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