Check List Checked

Today brought lots of checks to the studio check list. I threw several pieces, including some that will satisfy some requests. There are parts for 2 patio lanterns, 2 pie plates which survived getting cut off the bat, 3 beer mugs – nice  big ones, 4 cereal bowls, a vase, and a cat bowl. The cat bowl was a salvage when I got to aggressive on something else. Overall, I’m thrilled to have some pottery in the works again. I think there’s enough for a kiln load.

House-Number-TileI also completed the mounting of the house number tile at home. It was pretty simple and looks fairly nice if I do say so. The tile is about 10.75″ wide and 5.5″ tall. It stands off the the wall about 0.5″ for a nice shadow backdrop.

The VPM-9 mixing pug mill made a huge difference today. I went through 40-50lbs of clay and it was perfectly air-free, and just the right moisture level. Very nice addition to the studio.

4 thoughts on “Check List Checked

  1. Yes, but your forearms will miss their workout. No more vise-like finger strength. Alas, automation! But you’ll undoubtedly be more productive. That’s good!

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