Misc. Pottery Notes and Photos

I’m waiting for a bisque kiln load to cool down. It ran last night and the witness cones look like it was pretty much on target. Tomorrow, I should be able to unload and get into some fun glazing.  In the mean time, lots of miscellaneous pottery-related stuff to note and some supporting photos.

image_1637First, I got a copy of the new “Warren MacKenzie: A Potter’s Hands” bio DVD. I’ve been a fan of Mr. MacKenzie’s since college way back in the dark ages, so when I saw the ad for the DVD, it was a no-brainer. I have to say I’m pretty impressed. It does a very good job of presenting Mr. MacKenzie’s professional history, in his own words in his own studio. The production is very well done. The footage of his throwing is a treat. I noticed a few things I’m going to have to try and a couple things to make for the studio. If this doesn’t make you want to get on the wheel, I’m not sure what would.  Overall, I’m very happy with it, and will watch it over and over like a little kid, I’m sure.  Check it out.

Yesterday, I got an email from a neighbor interested in getting a cable keeper. I had about 8 in the studio, so I took them home. It was about 5:30pm when I got home. It was bright and warm and cheery. I set the pieces in the back of my truck and started taking pictures. I took a lot and finally got to a few I liked. Here, for your inspection are some of my cable keepers.

IMG_0438 IMG_0417

This afternoon, the Overland Gallery, in downtown Kinston, was hosting a reception for the opening of the March Hare Mad Hatter’s Tea Party show – a collection of tea pots and art featuring tea pots or tea culture. It was a lot of fun. The tea pot submissions were really good. There were all kinds, ranging from the fun to the functional. We had lots of discussion about them all. Here are a few images from the show…

IMG_0080_2 IMG_0079_2 IMG_0078_2 IMG_0076_2 IMG_0071_2 IMG_0069_2

Next post, I hope to have photos of the finished pots from this recent bisque load. Among the pieces are my hand-built teapot that wasn’t finished in time for the show, and some beer mugs that will easily be done in time for the next show in April. And tomorrow, I’m helping the Arts Council fire some tiles for one of their projects.

2014 Eastern NC Pottery Festival Poster

We’ll also be getting ready to visit the Eastern NC Pottery Festival in New Bern on April 12th. From 9am – 5pm at the NC History Center, 529 South Front Street. This is a great festival and a great venue for presenting pottery. Admission is free. Make plans to attend! Need more info? Call Rich Daniels (252) 224-1446. Click here to download the flyer…

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