Raw materials

This morning I made a trip to Fat Cat to pick up a collection of Frits and carbonates and oxides and such to begin making glazes in the studio. Sonny and Mary had some excellent suggestions and advice. I’m looking forward to getting started. Results will be posted on Flickr.

I also stocked up on clay for the next few months. So now there’s nothing to do but get to work. I still have a few request to work on. And a few new forms to learn. Should be fun.

I told myself I have all the tools I need, but while at Fat Cat, I found a beautiful lush round bake brush that had to come home with me. It just looked like big luxurious swaths of color waiting to pounce.

And finally, there’s a big bucket of indigo float in the back of the truck. Should be nice dipped. I’ve enjoyed it brushed on. And it seems to play well with my other glazes.

One thought on “Raw materials

  1. I look forward to seeing what the mad scientist comes up with! I know what fun color accidents and discoveries can be. It is an amazing world we share!

    See you at the Farmer’s Market? I have a couple tomato pies on order, and my Mom is here from Pittsburgh, so I want her to pick out an original JS mug or vase.

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