Bisque load firing

This evening, I started a new load of ware for a bisque firing. Included are 15 mugs which will be used as prize trophies in the NC SuperClassic disc golf tournament in November. Also firing are my two biggest bowls yet. All the work is Standard Ceramics #266, which ends up a nice rich dark brown. Wednesday, we’ll see how we did.

3 thoughts on “Bisque load firing

  1. Hi, Your wedging table is very nicely done. You had mentioned you may post the dimensions and cuts. If that is possible I would appreciate it. Thanks, Richard

      1. Hi Joel, Thanks for your response and info on the EAA 1000. That is perfect for me to use for my wedging table and there is a lot of info available for that table. I hope mine turns out as nice as yours. You do not need to post the info for me. I am setting up a small studio in my 3rd car garage and the wedging table is my next project. I will continue to go to the local pottery studio but I want the independence in firing to some different schedules at home. You have done a very nice job in your prior blogs and they have been very informative and helpful. A hello to Barley from my little feline studio helper Sadie. Take care and thank you again for your help. Richard

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